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Investing in the professional development of your team includes mentorship

By February 16, 2022Blog Health & Wellness

Lisa DiDio and Trish Tangradi

By Carly LePore

Having a trusted leader that invests in the professional development of your team is an important factor for the team’s continued progression. Mentorship helps build a positive workplace culture, as well as a team’s long-term success. Recently, I had the opportunity to ask two team leaders at Independence – Director of Sales Lisa DiDio and Manager of Operational Readiness Trish Tangradi  –  about leadership and how an impactful mentor can build a successful team.

How would you describe your mentoring style?

Trish Tangradi: During my career I have had wonderful opportunities to be both a mentee and mentor. Through both experiences I’ve learned a lot about growth, awareness, and collaboration. My mentors taught me the value of being open to other’s perspectives and truly evaluating my own professional and personal goals. As a mentor, I have had the chance to connect with young women who are aspiring to advance their early careers and with my support, guidance, and insight, these women have taken on new positions and a new outlook on their futures – which I am so excited and proud of.

Lisa DiDio: To me, professional development mentorship is about guiding and teaching others. I tend to be a bit more of an informal mentor – meaning I look to provide guidance and advice during daily interactions.

How do you encourage innovative ideas with your team?

Lisa: I feel that successful and innovative ideas come when the team is encouraged to collaborate and when ideas are implemented quickly. This shows the team the value of their input and feedback.

Trish: It is very important for me to foster a collaborative spirit with my team and a mentality of truly thinking outside the box. Often we ask ourselves, “What if we tried…” This type of innovation allows for the development of new business processes that can improve outcomes for our company and at the same time empower my team to leverage critical thinking and analysis.

Trish Tangradi, mentoring

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned from a mentorship, and how has it proven invaluable?

Lisa: One lesson and piece of advice I received from a mentor is to not allow fear to get in the way of success, and that it’s OK to make mistakes. This helped me gain the confidence to move forward in my career into a leadership role.

Trish: A mentor of mine once said, “Learn to listen; opportunity sometimes knocks softly.” I have often applied this principle in my career and have encouraged my mentees to do so as well. Stopping in a meeting to whole-heartedly listen to colleagues is one way to fully appreciate and evaluate the position or strategy they are trying to convey. It also allows time to digest and more fully understand their perspective. In turn, this may give you the chance to see another solution or opportunity for success. Cultivating an all-inclusive, equitable work force is reliant upon all voices being heard, appreciated, and valued.

Carly LePore is Manager, Corporate Communications at AmeriHealth New Jersey. She oversees all corporate message development and strategic communications planning, media relations, crisis communications, executive communications and internal communications.  Mrs. LePore earned a bachelor of arts degree in communications from Quinnipiac University.